Ice Bar – Snow Bar

Hot clubbing at the slopes of the Ski Resort

In the evening the scenery is transformed and can change your mood! Come to the Ice Bar – Snow Bar, where you can live an outstanding experience of clubbing over the snowy slope!

The loud music, the small drinks, the cocktails and the dancing on the snow over the enlightened track set on fire even in the most chilled night!

Exclusive parties with famous dj’s of the most famous radio stations in Greece, are quite often organized and have the hosts getting up the decks of Ice Bar-Snow Bar in order to hurl the beats over the luckiests to be there!

The most adventurous of you, will  give it all out at the snowy slope, while the faithful clubbers would prefer the second slope in the inner of the Ice Bar-Snow Bar!

As for you, the lovers of skiing, you can always enjoy a nighttime stroll though the snowy landscape and end your evening with a drink at the end of your route, here where the heart of the entertainment beats also in the evening!

The slopes of the ski resort

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 9 ski runs, and 3 off piste ski runs, divided into colored zones

Snowboard … without limits! The fully organized Snowboard run is waiting you with fresh snow

Ride with lifts


The "Takis Flegas" - the aerial lift of the Ski Resort, invites you to explore it from above!

Experience Karpenisi

A landscape imposing, but also friendly to the visitor! A tranquil haven, but also a destination which becomes the kingdom of adventure, shooting the adrenaline to the pick!