Churches and Monasteries

History and Religion have such an unbreakable bond that almost every church or monastery in the area of Evritania is an important historical monument.

Motivated either by religious reverence or by historical interest, you should visit the churches and the monasteries of Evritania with their lavishing treasures and you will for sure feel reverent and emotional.

The Cathedral of Kaprenisi

Dedicated to the Holy Trinity, it constitutes a prime example of a Byzantine church.

The Church of St. Dimitrios

It is located in the city of Karpenisi, on the picturesque homonymous hill.

The Monastery of Prousos

Tradition connects the monastery with the disclosure, in the cave of Evritania, of the Holy Image of the Virgin Mary from Prousos in Asia Minor. Its foundation is dated back to 829-842 AD.

In the monastery you will also admire, except from the Holy Image, the Clock and the church of All Saints which was built in 1754 as well as the preserved till today “School of Greek Literature”.

There also operates a museum with many exhibits, such as vintage vestments, manuscripts, old books and a unique sword of 1821 that it is considered to belong to G. Karaiskakis!

The Monastery of Tatarna

It has been destroyed and rebuilt four times. However, many rare and valuable remnants were managed to were saved, like the famous mosaic image “The King of Glory” (1350). In the Monastery’s library you would be able to marvel documents dating in 1544 and had been published in Vienna, Venice and other European cities.

The Monastery of Domnianon – Assumption of Virgin Mary

The temple of the Monastery is considered to have been built in the 16th century. Somewhere in the temple something extraordinary happens. On the eve of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and for two days a small amount of Holy Water springs.

This Monastery is one the most important post-Byzantine monuments.

The Church of St. Leonidas in Klafsi

Dated around the 5th century! Admire the massive mosaic floor (length 28m and width 18m) with wonderful representations and colors as well as the preserved throne and the Holy Altar.

The Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Vracha

It was built around 1700. Worthseeing indeed are the excellent examples of Byzantine art, such as wall paintings and images.

The Church of St Nicolas the Young from Vounenis in Kleisto

Here is exposed in a silver case, kept for almost seven centuries, the hand of Saint Lukas the Evangelist, an important relic of Orthodoxy.

The Church of St. Paraskevi in Vraggiana

Dated in 1605. It was known as the Ellinomuseio of Agrafa- School of Gouva. It was the University of the era where Kosmas of Aetolia was among the tutors.

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