Walking with snow shoes

For those who want an easy and solution to set foot in the snowy landscape, there are snow shoes!

In order to use them, you don’t need any special ski experience; you only have to love the snowy landscape!

Wear your snow shoes, move easily and live the experience of walking without sinking in the snow.

It’s the easiest way to become skier and have an amazing time!

The slopes of the ski resort

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 9 ski runs, and 3 off piste ski runs, divided into colored zones

Snowboard … without limits! The fully organized Snowboard run is waiting you with fresh snow

Ride with lifts


The "Takis Flegas" - the aerial lift of the Ski Resort, invites you to explore it from above!

Experience Karpenisi

A landscape imposing, but also friendly to the visitor! A tranquil haven, but also a destination which becomes the kingdom of adventure, shooting the adrenaline to the pick!