Warmth and Snow at the chalet of the contradictions!

In the frozen, bright white landscape, a modern and stylish chalet is awaiting you, at the Ski Resort Velouxi!

The wooden insulation of the renovated room is combined in phenomenal way with the simple metallic elements, assigning a balanced and cozy atmosphere with modern design!

You can relax on its comfortable sofas, listen to the amazing music unfolding in space and through the large windows, let your gaze travel to the vast white snow!

The slopes of the ski resort

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 9 ski runs, and 3 off piste ski runs, divided into colored zones

Snowboard … without limits! The fully organized Snowboard run is waiting you with fresh snow

Ride with lifts


The "Takis Flegas" - the aerial lift of the Ski Resort, invites you to explore it from above!

Experience Karpenisi

A landscape imposing, but also friendly to the visitor! A tranquil haven, but also a destination which becomes the kingdom of adventure, shooting the adrenaline to the pick!