Ski Resort

Ski resort

Renewed in every aspect the Ski Resort (Center) of Velouxi is waiting for you.

On the wonderful Velouxi the modern facilities welcome you! read more »


Warmth and Snow at the chalet of the contradictions!

In the frozen, bright white landscape, a modern and stylish chalet is awaiting you, at the Ski Resort ... read more »

Ice Bar – Snow Bar

Hot clubbing at the slopes of the Ski Resort

In the evening the scenery is transformed and can change your mood! Come to the Ice Bar – ... read more »

Ski Shop

Get your equipment at the ski shop!

Even if you arrive at the Ski Resort Velouxi as visitors, it is quite possible that you might want to ... read more »

Equipment rental

Rent your equipment!

If you do not have equipment for your favorite winter sport, there is no problem. In the specific store of the Ski Resort Velouxi ... read more »

Ski or snowboard school

Our students can be perfect in skiing

The slopes are for everyone… not only for the keen skiers! Therefore, in the Ski Resort Velouxi there is an ... read more »

Ski for beginners

Start skiing now!

The ski has no age! If you want to try it, you have to start now! For children or for those who feel like ... read more »

Ride lifts

Snow from above

When the white flakes twirl in the air, you will be there and enjoy the most exciting experience! Even if you do not practice ... read more »

Mountaineering Ski

For … champions!

Do you want to reach trackless snowy paths? Wear the “seals” on your skis and go for mountaineering ski! The “seals” are a part ... read more »

Hiking on the snow

Walk and exercise on the snow!

The simplest outdoor activity, such as hiking, becomes intense exercise through the snowy paths that you would discover at the Ski ... read more »

Walking with snow shoes

For those who want an easy and solution to set foot in the snowy landscape, there are snow shoes! In order to use them, you don’t need ... read more »


What is going on with the sled?

Feel like as if you are in a northern country or even as a descendant of Santa Claus! Travel over ... read more »


Fun races in cool landscape!

It is an experience worth living! It is a great way to “run” through the snowy landscape! Drive a snowmobile and feel ... read more »

moSKIto store

moSKIto store in the central square of Karpenissi read more »

The slopes of the ski resort

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 9 ski runs, and 3 off piste ski runs, divided into colored zones

Snowboard … without limits! The fully organized Snowboard run is waiting you with fresh snow

Ride with lifts


The "Takis Flegas" - the aerial lift of the Ski Resort, invites you to explore it from above!

Experience Karpenisi

A landscape imposing, but also friendly to the visitor! A tranquil haven, but also a destination which becomes the kingdom of adventure, shooting the adrenaline to the pick!