Lifts and slopes

Select a color and get on your ski run!

Are you a new-comer in skiing and you want to feel comfort with the ski run you will choose? No problem! Then the “green” ski runs are for you, the friendliest for your children and even for you who do not have experience at all!

Are you lovers of snow, but you haven’t “written” many kilometers yet? The “blue” ski runs are more suitable for you!

Are you an avid skier and the runs with requirements are challenging you? Certainly, you would prefer the “black” ski runs!

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 18 ski runs, divided into colored zones, depending on the degree of the difficulty, and 4 off piste ski runs, in order to cover absolutely all your requirements!



In order to select the ski run suitable for you, keep in mind that the used color code means that:

  • Green ski run: Easy
  • Blue ski run: Slight degree of difficulty
  • Red ski run: Quite difficult
  • Black ski run: Only for advanced skiers (experts)

Most ski runs are divided into specific colored zones. At their highest point, ski runs are usually red or black and as the path descends lead into green.


After selecting the ski run, you are ready to take the lift which will carry you in the ski run and zone of your choice:

Lift “Takis Flegas”

Length: 376m, Vertical drop 52m, Duration of climb 2,8’

Altitude of the peak 1865m, Velocity m/sec 2,2, Persons per hour 720

The lift “Takis Flegas” starts from the chalet of the Ski Resort and ends at the starting point of the other lifts.

Lift “Theseus”

Length: 540m, Altitude difference 80m

Θ1: RedBlueGreen
Θ2: BlueGreen
Θ3: Regional Green

Lift “Wind”

Length 889m, Altitude difference 183m, Duration of climb 8,7’

Altitude of the peak 1996m, Velocity m/sec 1,7, Persons per hour 739

A1: RedBlueGreen
A2: Red
A3: BlueRed
A4: GreenRedGreen

Lift “Hercules”

Length 750m, Altitude difference 237m, Duration of climb 4,8’

Altitude of the peak 2048m, Velocity m/sec 2,5 Persons per hour 800

H1: RedBlue
H2: BlackRed
H3: BlackRed
H4: Red all the way
H5: Red all the way (new ski run)

Especially for those of you who are experienced skiers, you will discover many more off-road black ski runs, with deep snow, which are a challenge! The completely renovated Ski Resort Velouxi has now all the necessary infrastructures and operates in accordance with all the international regulations. Within this context, it is certified by the International Ski Federation (FIS Homologation) to organize International Skiing Races!

Ski races

This year, the Panhellenic and Balkan Ski Competitions are to take place at the Ski Resort Velouxi.

So if you will be here at the same period of the races, you will be able to attend an amazing spectacle, which raises the adrenaline!

If you love the night, you could stay at Ski Resort Velouxi and enjoy the illuminated slopes of the “Theseus” and “Takis Flegas” beneath the icy night sky!

At the end of these routes, if you want to warm yourselves, you could do it with a drink at the Ski Resort’s Ice Bar- Snow Bar and dance in the rhythm of loud beats!

Visit the slopes of the Ski Resort Velouxi and you will feel that this is the beginning of your enjoyment!

The slopes of the ski resort

The Ski Resort Velouxi welcomes you with 9 ski runs, and 3 off piste ski runs, divided into colored zones

Snowboard … without limits! The fully organized Snowboard run is waiting you with fresh snow

Ride with lifts


The "Takis Flegas" - the aerial lift of the Ski Resort, invites you to explore it from above!

Experience Karpenisi

A landscape imposing, but also friendly to the visitor! A tranquil haven, but also a destination which becomes the kingdom of adventure, shooting the adrenaline to the pick!